Quality Outcomes

The Emory Transplant Center is proud to share with you the continued excellent outcomes of our Lung Transplant Program. For calendar year 2014, the Emory team performed 25 adult lung transplants. Of the patients added to the wait list in 2014, 21% received a lung transplant within two months of listing; and, a total of 35% were transplanted within four months.

  • Emory’s risk adjusted three year patient and graft survival rates for lung transplant remain higher than the expected rates at 73.08% and 68.63%.


*Published in the June 2014 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

  • We are also proud to report that the Emory Transplant Center as a whole ranked 7th among transplant programs across the nation based on adult transplant volume. This was derived from the 441 adult transplants performed by Emory Transplant Center in CY14.
  • Our experience coupled with continued excellent outcomes among all solid organ programs makes the Emory Transplant Center a leading transplant center in the southeast and in the nation.

For more data and information on liver transplant survival rates, visit the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, a database of transplantation statistics.

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