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Umbilical Cord Blood Donation and Banking

Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells that can be used to fight and treat disorders and other chronic conditions.

Emory University Hospital Midtown provides new parents with the opportunity to donate their newborn babies' umbilical cord blood to the Cleveland Cord Blood Center (CCBC), a public cord blood bank. When parents donate their child's cord blood, they are helping to provide a lifesaving opportunity for someone else. Cord blood stem cells can help rebuild a healthy immune system.

Many parents giving birth at Emory University Hospital Midtown have chosen to donate their babies' cord blood in support of transplantation in the treatment of leukemia and other blood-borne diseases, as well as for use in research.

About Cord Blood Donation

The process of cord blood donation for expectant parents is safe for both mother and child. At the hospital, mothers are asked to complete appropriate paperwork to indicate consent. After the baby is born, the cord blood will be collected by the doctor, along with the delivery of the afterbirth. A newborn's umbilical cord blood that is not donated will be discarded. For further information, please visit CCBC's website or call 216-896-0360.