Pregnancy 101 Webinars

Welcome to Emory Women’s Center for your OB care. In addition to your routine prenatal visits, we offer a free interactive webinar series. These informal sessions led by your Emory providers will explore your first, second and third trimesters to help you answer your questions at the right time. We also offer a post-partum webinar that we recommend in the first few weeks following delivery. 

Our goal is to provide pregnancy and postpartum specific education to our patients to improve understanding of the pregnancy process and alleviate the anxiety that comes from being pregnant.  

Dates and Registrations

These webinars are held via Zoom and offered on a rotating schedule. Please register for the webinar by following the instructions below.

Seminar Topic

Registration Link

Post Partum Webinar

(Best attended after delivery rather than before)

Start - 18 weeks

18 - 32 Weeks

32 weeks - Delivery