Pediatric orthopaedic treatments

Find family-centered treatment options at Emory Pediatric Orthopaedics. Our doctors offer outstanding care and work with you to ensure the best outcome for your child.

Bowlegs and knock-knee treatment

Young children usually grow out of these common conditions by the age of 13 or so without treatment. Those who don't may have pain while running or problems in the spine. We can treat these conditions with minimally invasive surgery.

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Bone fracture treatment

Our bone specialists may need to put broken bones back in the right position. Casts or splints support and protect bones and soft tissue during healing. They also reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

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Hip preservation

Surgery to maintain hip function may help reduce pain and the risk of arthritis. Your child may also not need hip replacement until later in life, if ever.

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Neuromuscular conditions treatments

We provide treatment such as physical therapy, medication and surgery for children with neuromuscular conditions.

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Hip dysplasia treatment

Surgery for hip disorders depends on your child's age. For young children, surgery allows the hip joint to develop as it should. For older children or young adults, surgery can restore movement and reduce pain.

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Perthes disease treatment

Treatment depends on your child's condition. Your child may medication, physical therapy, bed rest, or surgery to re-align the hipbones.

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Slipped capital femoral epiphysis treatment

Treatment for SCFE is surgery. This keeps the thighbone from slipping until the bone strengthens. It also maintains movement and helps prevent arthritis.

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Spine surgery treatment

The goal of spine surgery is to allow the spine and chest to grow as much as possible. We will discuss all available treatment options with you and your child.

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