Dr. Ioachimescu Patient Testimonials

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ioachimescu. She has been a constant in my care since my surgery and has been fantastic every step of the way.

A respectable amount of time was dedicated to explaining my labwork and developing a treatment plan. I really enjoy every time I see Dr. Ioachimescu, and am always confident in her ability to deliver exemplary care.

Dr. Ioachimescu is an outstanding physician who combines a gentle caring manner with superb technical skills. She is really special!!!

I had my tumors removed on the 29th of October successfully. Dr. Ioachimescu, Dr. Bowen (attending) and Dr. Constantine took good care of my endocrinology needs to help stabilize my hormones so that I could go back home with the confidence that I would be safe and okay. They checked on me often and assured me that my progress was going well. Each doctor always took the time to explain my condition, the tests, the results, and how the medications were important to my recovery. They also shared a little of themselves with smiles and good humor.

Dr. Ioachimescu –

Another “new” road is beginning! I am now convinced that solutions in Endocrinology are the most complex of all the specialties. They go forward, then backward, then move forward again – but with forks in the road. I appreciate how patient you have been.

Thank you for your guidance and commitment. It certainly is benefitting me and my family.

Thank you for all that you do! I am so grateful for the wonderful care you have given me over the past two years!

Dear Dr. Ioachimescu,

It is rare to find a doctor as caring and genuinely kind as you. I am so grateful for the help and advice you have given me as I searched for a diagnosis.

Again, thank you for treating your patients with such kindness. God bless you.

For me and all my family, just thanks is not enough. God bless you for taking care of me. I am lucky to have you as a wonderful doctor.


A note of thanks and gratitude for all attention to my medical concerns. I wish you the best in your endeavors. You will certainly be missed!

Dear Dr. Ioachimescu,

My family and I often think of you fondly and how kind and understanding you were when we came to Emory three years ago.

You were the 17th doctor we saw in our quest for a determination and cure for Cushing’s.

You have made a huge impact on my life and my family. We are forever grateful for your talent and patience.

Dear Dr. I,

Thank you very much for your time, interest, medical assistance and moral support. I appreciate how well you explain things and help me with decisions.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku and Dr. Ioachimescu,

I want to thank both of you and your teams for the wonderful care I have received. The pre/post surgery treatment has been magnificent. Please never take your attention to detail for granted. I was not aware of the Acromegaly disease prior to being diagnosed. From day one of this journey my family and I were always informed by you and your staff of how the disease was impacting my body and what we could expect throughout the process. In a day when it seems customer service is an unusual event your team excelled at all levels.

As matter of fact, the attention to detail that I received from every Emory physician and their staff including the corrective jaw surgeries and orthodontics was so positively impactful that have changed my Primary Physician to an Emory doctor.

May God richly bless each of you.

Meeting you, Dr. Oyesiku and team did not detour my feeling of confidence from the day I researched you on the Internet in meeting you. Your kindness, patience and clarity along with thoroughness once again confirmed the excitement I got upon reading about you. You succeeded my expectation of confidence in your observations and suggestions.

I am thrilled to add you to my team concerning my total well being of health. Looking forward to our continue correspondence and visits. You mentioned that I would need an Endocrine in LA and that you could refer to me. Hopefully the recommendation you select will be of your same expertise. Being that I will be traveling back and forth, it would be great to be accessible to you both.

Good morning, Dr. Ioachimescu!!!

How are you? I just want to apologize for missing last Saturday Conference at Emory. My son's extracurricular activities do not let me do it. I am sure you had a wonderful speech that is one way about how your legacy is going to be remembered forever. The other way is being Great and the Best Doctor ever.

Sorry, I promise to be there next time.

My case is very rare so we talked quite a bit and I appreciate the time Dr. Ioachimescu took to explain my issues. She is a very nice doctor that listens to what I as a patient have to say. She is very thorough with her treatment and communicative with all doctors involved in my treatment which is so important to me.


Dr. Ioachimescu was extremely pleasant and went our of her way to explain the problems I have and what she felt was the best option to follow up and check on my condition later.

To Dr. Adriana Ioachimescu

Just want to say thank you for your patience, kindness and for your ever-listening ears. I appreciate you!!!

Very passionate and understanding!

Dr. Ioachimescu is very professional and asked me if there are any other problems after she gives me my exam. We talk about the medication she has prescribed.

Thank you for never forgetting about me and always going the extra mile for my well being. I truly appreciate you. Thank you is simply not enough.

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