Recovering from A Heart Attack

Getting your heart healthy and strong is an important step after recovering from a heart attack. It’s also an important step if you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or are at high risk for a heart attack or other cardiac disease.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program gives you the resources and tools you need to lead a healthier, happier life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehab program offers three phases of care, each one tailored to your medical needs and family history.

Cardiac Rehab: Phase 1

Phase 1 is our inpatient program for patients who experienced a heart attack or cardiac event. It often includes physical therapy and patient education to help reduce your risk factors for a future heart event.

Cardiac Rehab: Phase 2

Phase 2 is an outpatient service, specifically designed for patients who have experienced any of the following conditions:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart valve disease (repair or replacement)
  • Controlled chest pain
  • Heart procedures, including balloon angioplasty, stents, coronary artery bypass surgery or heart transplantation

You’ll complete all exercise with ECG monitoring and telemetry to give you instant feedback on how hard your heart is working. A team of nurses, exercise specialists, cardiologists and registered dieticians closely supervise your plan, helping you meet goals and reduce your risk of recurrence. They’ll work hard to help you return to a productive life, improve exercise ability and manage your health.

Cardiac Rehab: Phase 3

Phase 3 cardiac rehabilitation is the outpatient program available once you meet the criteria for phase 2, or if you would like to prevent heart disease. Our highly trained rehab staff will work with you to develop a personalized exercise plan. A case manager will help you make important healthy lifestyle changes and our staff will supervise all of your exercise. You can also participate in group exercise classes.

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