Cardiology Program

Treatments & Services

One of the most promising new treatments for heart disease really isn't treatment at all – it's prevention. The best news is that it's never too late to start. Scientists say that healthy habits, like eating better, exercising, quitting smoking, and cutting back on alcohol, can help reduce your heart disease risk.

Below are some of the treatments and services we offer:

Exercise Stress Testing

We offer several types of exercise stress tests to gain a clear understanding of the strength of your heart.

Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring, including event, remote and Holter monitoring provide a comprehensive overview of heart function.

Ankle-brachial Index

Identify your risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD) with non-invasive ankle-brachial index testing.

Cardiac Ultrasound

Our specialists are trained in many types of cardiac ultrasounds, including carotid, limited abdominal, bubble studies and transthoracic/stress echocardiography.

Lab Screening

Identify your risk factors for heart disease and hypertension through blood tests.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Get your heart back on track with Emory’s cardiac rehabilitation program.

Hypertension Treatment

Lower your blood pressure safely and effectively with a proven program of diet, exercise and medication, when necessary.

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Apheresis

Emory is the only medical facility in Georgia approved to selectively remove LDL cholesterol from arteries. LDL apheresis is a procedure that selectively removes harmful Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) from the bloodstream and returns the other blood components (blood cells, proteins, antibodies, and HDL) back to the body. Emory is the only Georgia facility to provide this procedure.

This procedure is proven, effective, safe, and unique. It is very well tolerated has been demonstrated to lower LDL-C 73-83% after a single treatment while having minimal impact on other essential plasma components such as HDL-C and albumin. No other procedure has the flexibility to target a specific LDL-C treatment goal. To be eligible for the treatment, patients must first be on maximum medication and diet therapy for six months and meet the following criteria as specified by the FDA:

  • LDL cholesterol greater than 200 mg/dl and documented coronary heart disease
  • LDL cholesterol greater than 300 mg/dl without coronary heart disease

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