Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Relearn Activities Lost to Brain Injury

Returning to work, school or independent living after a brain injury is challenging. You may have to relearn how to walk, talk, dress, speak, read, write, and perform other common tasks. Brain injury rehabilitation can speed up recovery. 

Emory Rehabilitation Hospital is the state's premier choice for brain injury patients. We offer a 28-bed neuro-rehabilitation unit, including eight beds devoted to patients with brain injuries. 

Who Needs Brain Injury Rehab?

People who have had strokes often need brain injury rehabilitation. Tumors or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), such as falls or motor vehicle accidents, can also injure the brain. 

Damaged brain tissue can never recover, but other parts of the brain can learn to do the duties carried out by the injured area. Rehab supports this learning process and should begin as soon as you’re medically stable. Early rehab prevents complications such as weakened muscles, muscle contractions, and depression. 

Brain Injury Rehab Expertise

Emory Rehabilitation Hospital helps you recover from brain injuries with personalized treatment. Our medical teams treat all brain injuries, including stroke, traumatic brain injuries, diffuse axonal injuries, and closed brain injuries. 

We guide patients and families throughout the entire rehabilitation process. Our clinical team provides education, training, intensive therapy, and medical management. We design individualized care plans so you can meet your medical and therapy goals.

Patients have round-the-clock nursing care and at least three hours of daily therapy. Our rehabilitation team balances hands-on care with high-tech treatment to address individual challenges. We track your progress and change treatment if needed.

Working together, our brain injury rehabilitation team will get you on the road to recovery.

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