Egg Donor Process

Screening Process

Donors are screened for personal and family health histories. They also have a physical medical exam, ovarian reserve screening and psychological screening. Lastly, they have blood tests for genetic and infectious disease screening.

Following the screening process, the donor is stimulated with fertility medications to help her ovaries make multiple eggs. During this process, the woman will have multiple clinic appointments with vaginal ultrasounds and blood draws. After her ovaries are ready (approximately 10 days), the woman would undergo an egg retrieval under anesthesia. This is a procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes and requires a day off of work.

We are not able to complete treatment with donors who have serious medical or genetic problems.

Potential Donors - Basic Egg Donation Requirements:

  • Between 21-30 years of age
  • Average weight for given height (e.g. BMI < 30 kg/m2)
  • Non-smoker / Non-nicotine user
  • Non-drug user
  • No tattoo or piercing within the last 12 months
  • No serious medical diseases (e.g. diabetes, history of cancer)
  • Have not lived in Europe for more than five years
  • Have not lived in England for more than three months before 1996

Financial Compensation (7,000) is provided upon completion of the donation.

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