Ryan White Program

Income Requirements

The Ryan White federal grants require that we collect and maintain income and residency documentation bi-annually. If we are unable to obtain this information from you, the above named specialty services will not be available to you. This information is kept confidential and in a locked file cabinet in the social workers' office. This information is also used to establish patient's medical cap for services. The Ryan White legislation limits the annual cumulative charges to an individual for HIV-related services to:

Individual/Family Annual Gross Income

  • Equal to or below the official poverty line
  • 101-200% of the official poverty line
  • 201-300% of the official poverty line
  • More than 300% of the official poverty line

Total Allowable Annual Charges

  • No charges permitted
  • 5% or less of gross annual income
  • 7% or less of gross annual income
  • 10% or less of gross annual income

Our program is currently in the process of establishing a system to ensure that these annual caps on charges to patients are not exceeded.

NOTE: If you have an outstanding Emory Clinic balance, you may still be seen. Please contact your social worker or clerical staff regarding this.