Golf Medicine

Wellness and Prevention

The game of golf can be played and enjoyed for someone’s entire life.  All skill levels can compete together, and it is a great way to learn self-discipline. Golf is wonderful to play solo or with friends or family. The game of golf can be challenging enough without having to deal with an injury that limits your ability.  It is very important to make sure you have a proper swing, understand training volume and implement proper warmup techniques. A warmup in golf is highly overlooked by many golfers. A good dynamic warmup can not only help prevent injury, but it can improve your golf game.

Golf Warmup

What is a dynamic warmup? A dynamic warmup has been shown in medical studies to reduce injury and increase performance. Performance was increased by a better swing plane, shot quality, accuracy, clubhead speed and total carrying distance. A good dynamic warmup program has been found to produce a better shot quality as compared to static stretching or club-only warm-up on the golf range. Come see us in the office to begin our dynamic warmup program.

Emory Golf Medicine Program Top 10 Dynamic Warmup Exercises

Watch as Eric Nichols, DPT, demonstrates each movement in these 10 short videos.