Soccer Medicine Program

Soccer Medicine Research

Our soccer specific research seeks to identify common soccer injury patterns and help find solutions on the topic of how to prevent injuries in soccer.

Injuries in Soccer Surveillance Study

Purpose of the study: To describe the most common injuries sustained by American soccer players and risk factors for injury.

Despite the explosion in soccer participation and popularity in the United States, no research has described the injuries sustained by our youth soccer athletes. The current study looks to identify the most common soccer-related injuries and risk factors for injury. This will establish the foundation for injury prevention efforts in the future.

Who Is Eligible

Any active youth soccer player ages 8-17 (Parent/guardian to complete survey)

What Will I Be Asked to Do?

Complete a brief soccer-specific survey every three months for two years. The initial study should take 1-5 minutes, and follow-up surveys will typically take less than one minute.

How Do I Participate?

Complete our survey.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Kneer, MD, at 404-778-8820 or email

This study on on how to prevent injuries in soccer has been designed and is actively managed by Emory's Soccer Medicine Program under the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Emory University and Emory Healthcare.

Soccer Medicine Conference Presentations

Physicians and athletic trainers from Emory Soccer Medicine Program delivered several presentations during an annual soccer medicine conference. The presentations are available as pdfs for download below.