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You can play tennis for a lifetime. It can help you meet American College of Sports Medicine exercise recommendations. Plus, players of all ages enjoy the physical, mental, social and emotional benefits of the game. But, too much of a good thing can cause problems. Some of our studies show that up to two-thirds of tennis injuries are due to overuse. These injuries most often affect the low back, elbow, shoulder, hip and wrist. They may be due to errors in training and competition volumes. Inefficient stroke mechanics can also be a factor. Train smart. Listen to your body. Identify pain and injury patterns early.

Tips to prevent tennis injuries

Emory Tennis 10+ warm up/cool down on court program

The Tennis 10+ is a tennis specific warm-up/cool down program created and researched by the Emory Tennis Medicine team to reduce injury and optimize performance on the court for competitive adult (and high level) tennis players. The program was developed to target common areas of tennis-related injury including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, gastrocnemius/Achilles, spine, and knee.

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Serve tips to prevent low back and shoulder problems

Backhand tips to avoid elbow injuries

Forehand tips to avoid wrist injuries

Prevent back pain

Junior tennis athletes should not ignore low back pain. As many as 40% of symptoms may be due to a low back stress injury and should be checked right away.

Young tennis players should limit heavy topspin (or kick serves.) They should be evaluated if they have extension-based low back pain.

Junior players should limit extension to less than 20 degrees on serve.

Adult players should try to maximize hip extension on serves. Avoid multiplanar (combined) motions on strokes when possible.

Tennis equipment tips

Match and training volume recommendations

We developed the following evidence-based recommendations from several studies. These studies were performed on thousands of tennis players, including juniors, elites and adults. These may reduce risk of injury for junior players.

Note: recommendations should be individualized to players, based on tolerance.

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