Please read these important messages for our transplant patients.

Georgia's Most Comprehensive Solid Organ Transplant Program

As one of the best organ transplant programs in the Southeast, Emory Transplant Center is a leader in clinical excellence and pioneering new transplant therapies. We offer cutting-edge technology and superior outcomes in:

Our patients come from all over the nation and often consider many other transplant hospitals before selecting Emory. They choose Emory because of our highest level of expertise, and we offer a full-service organ transplantation program that only an academic medical center and transplant hospital like Emory Healthcare can provide. 

Center Highlights and Differentiators

National Ranking: Emory Transplant Center ranks among the top 12 transplant programs in the nation for overall adult volume (OPTN, 2018 data).

Experience: Our expert physicians have performed more than 9,000 transplants to date – making us a leading national program.

Patient Outcomes: Our focus on patient outcomes has continued to produce results. All of our solid organ programs meet Transplant Centers of Excellence quality outcome criteria.

Patient-Centered Care: Emory Transplant Center has been recognized as the first transplant center in the nation to receive the Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Your Journey at Emory Transplant Center

Our skilled transplant specialists work to provide our patients with excellent quality outcomes while discovering and developing new transplant therapies. We accomplish this through rigorous research and development programs that seamlessly integrate into our clinical program.

We provide exceptional care for patients in need of organ transplants while offering access to the latest transplant technology. That mission extends beyond the care of today’s patients; it also includes improving therapies for our future patients.

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