COVID-19 Coronavirus Questions and Answers

We are working closely with colleagues across Emory Healthcare as we implement and adjust screening procedures for patients presenting to clinics and emergency departments. Furthermore, we assist in evaluating sick individuals who might be at risk for COVID-19 and other serious communicable diseases.

Depending on the destination, vaccinations might be recommended or required. Malaria prophylaxis can be very important in certain areas. Since outbreaks like COVID-19 can also be of concern, we encourage travelers to review CDC’s travel health notices and country profiles when planning a trip. A travel clinic can help sort all this out and provide other practical tips for staying healthy during your travels.

Travelers should call their physicians with any concerning symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms). If they were already advised to monitor their symptoms by health officials upon returning to the U.S., they should also contact the health department as directed.

We are active in public health surveillance, including two CDC funded systems: the Global TraveEpi Network, a nationwide network of travel clinics that monitor trends in U.S. travelers, and GeoSentinel, a global consortium of hospitals and clinics that tracks illnesses and outbreaks in travelers.

Globalization is changing all aspects of our lives. Although most of the changes are positive, it has increased risks of travel related infections and pandemics. I find these trends fascinating and challenging, and I am passionate about helping individuals and communities stay healthy in this age of connectivity.

Things are progressing so rapidly that it is difficult to predict how the outbreak will affect U.S. residents. Our team at Emory TravelWell Center is monitoring the situation and working closely with EHC, Georgia Department of Public Health, and CDC colleagues to keep our patients and community well.

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