Refills and Vaccination Review

For our established patients who have seen us for a pre-travel consultation in the past two years, we are happy to refill travel-related medications as needed or check to see if you are due for any booster shots. Please call us at 404-686-5885 to tell us about your upcoming trip as soon as possible. Note that you may need to come to our clinic if you need any booster shots, and new consultation might be necessary if you are going on a new itinerary or you have had significant changes in your health status.

If you call for a refill, you will need:

  • Details of your itinerary (locations, dates, etc.)
  • Current medication list
  • Any changes in health status (allergies, pregnancy, new medical conditions, etc.)
  • Any changes in insurance policies
  • Your current pharmacy's address or phone number

How Can We Help You Today?

Need help? We will be delighted to assist you today, so please call us at 404-778-7777. We look forward to hearing from you.