Women's Musculoskeletal
Health Program

The Multidisciplinary Bone Stress Injury Clinic and Bone Health Clinic

Welcome to the Bone Stress Injury Clinic at Emory! This multidisciplinary clinic is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to treating bone stress injuries to optimize your recovery and prevent recurrent injury with the goal of keeping you active and doing the activities you love.

Bone stress injuries can be complex injuries with a multitude of factors contributing to injury and a multitude of factors impacting recovery. Areas of focus as part of the Bone Stress Injury Clinic are bone density and bone health, nutrition and fueling, training regimens and gait analysis (for runners).

The specialists working together in the Multidisciplinary Bone Stress Injury Clinic include:

Emory Sports Medicine:
Courtney Gleason, MD
Sara Raiser, MD

Emory Endocrinology:
Anna Beth Bradley, MD

Emory Sports Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian:
Val Schonbert, PT

Emory Physical Therapists

Depending on your specific injury, your visit with the multidisciplinary Bone Stress Injury Clinic may include visits with one or more of the providers above. This multidisciplinary approach to bone stress injuries allows for providers from across medical disciplines to work collaboratively on your case to tailor treatment and recommendations specific to your injury. Additionally, this multidisciplinary set up eases your burden as the patient to have to arrange appointments on different days with different providers. Our goal is to optimize your care, your recovery and your health.

Preparing for Your Visit

In preparation for your visit with the multidisciplinary Bone Stress Injury Clinic, please have available any laboratory results, bone density scans, imaging studies (including X-rays, MRIs, CT scan, bone scans) that have been previously completed. If you are a runner, please also have your running shoes available. You may be observed jogging as part of the assessment.

Your appointment today will be longer than a typical medical appointment. Please plan and schedule accordingly to allow time for a full assessment and collaborative care.

A referral and screening is required to determine if you are a candidate for the clinic. Please reach out to our clinical coordinator Womens.MSK.Admin@emoryhealthcare.org to send in your referral.  We look forward to seeing you at your visit.

Download our new patient form for the bone stress clinic.