Women's Musculoskeletal
Health Program

The Multidisciplinary Scoliosis and Spine Clinic

Welcome to the Multidisciplinary Scoliosis and Spine Clinic!  This clinic has been designed to treat patients with a variety of spinal diagnoses who would benefit from a comprehensive approach to their care.  The spine is a complex system involving bone, nerves, and muscles and is affected by many other medical issues.  Back pain is not a straightforward diagnosis, meaning that the treatment of spinal disorders often involves other specialties such as internal medicine, endocrinology, nutrition, and physical therapy.

The goal of this clinic is to bring a group of specialists together to collaborate on a treatment plan for your spinal issues.  This plan may or may not involve surgery.  If surgery is indicated, there is likely to be a series of consultations, therapies, and interventions needed prior to any surgery.  This is done to optimize your outcome from surgery and give you the best chance of having a good surgical result.

This clinic is designed so the specialists come to you, rather than you having to drive all over and take time away from your busy life to see them.  As a result, this appointment will be longer than the typical appointment, so please be patient. 

The specialists working together in the multidisciplinary bone stress injury clinic include:

Emory Clinical Psychology:
Stella Nelms, PHD

Emory Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine:
Anna Beth Bradley, MD

Emory Sports Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian:
Val Schonberg, PT

Emory Physical Therapy:
Sarah Hite, PT, DPT, BSPTS

You may see some or all of these specialists on the day of your telemedicine visit.  Please note that we will make every effort to see you as soon as possible, however, we will need all of your prior treatment records and films (X-rays, MRI, CT scans) to look at ahead of time.  As collecting these records takes some time, your appointment may be pushed out a bit for us to locate these records.

A referral and screening is required to determine if you are a candidate for the clinic. Please reach out to our clinical coordinator Womens.MSK.Admin@emoryhealthcare.org to send in your referral. We look forward to seeing you at your visit