Location Search

Developer Notes

  • Location Search Page is located here - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Home/locations and is based on Location Search Page Template.
  • Page URL - locations.
  • Location Search page consists of three components:
    • Content Spot
    • EH Breadcrumb
    • Location Search Result - this is a custom react component built only to be used on location search page. It takes all the fields from the page template(fields inside - Search Page Labels, Search Facets and Search Settings field sections) to display content on the page along with the location page data.
  • Location Search page utilize Location Search Results page design
  • All text and labels can be customized from Search Page Labels and Search Facets fields
  • The Location Search requires a default location to display search results. This location coordinates can be set in the Search Setting field.
  • Two Content Spot needs to be wrapped inside the Container component.
  • The page title consists of Section Container component, Content Spot, and Breadcrumb component.
    For styling purposes, Section Container requires location-search-title-container as an Id.

    Container component that wrapped Content Spot needs to have ID of location-search-title

Content Author Notes

Content Authors do not have the ability to edit the location map. Content Authors can edit the both content spots and breadcrumbs. 

Please reference the following component library pages for how to manage content spots and breadcrumbs


Location Search:

  • The Location Search Finder will be located on the Locations page and will include the following:
    • SXA Title
    • Breadcrumb
    • React Find a location
  • Facet Filter
    • Master Search Options for the consumer include: (Closest to furthest away)
      • Zip Code
      • Search Box
      • Use My Current Location- radius
      • 25 mile radius
  • Current story is covering Zip, future story will cover City and State.
  • Categories
    • Care Type
      • Emergency Care
      • Urgent Care
      • Hospitals (unique pin color or icon on map)
      • Primary Care
    • Specialty Care
      • Brain Health
      • Cancer Care
      • Dermatology
      • Ear Nose Throat
      • Emergency Medicine
      • Gastroenterology
      • Heart and Vascular
      • Internal Medicine Specialties
      • Laboratory Services
      • Mammography
      • Neurology
      • Ophthalmology
      • Orthopedics Spine
      • Other Specialty Services
      • Pediatric Specialties
      • Physical Therapy
      • Primary Care
      • Psychiatry
      • Surgical Specialties
      • Transplantation
      • Urgent Care
      • Urology
      • Vascular Surgery
      • Weight Control
      • Women's Health
      • X-ray Imaging
    • Tag Items within sitecore
  • All facets should be expanded by default.
  • The user can select one category. It's single select.
  • Upon user selecting Care type "Show All Results" button will appear
  • User can click on "Show All Results" which will remove the Care type selected and will show all results for their area.
  • Facet List will be managed by dictionary.
  • Searches may be refined by entering zip code or using my location. (* refreshing page will not clear results)
  • Upon page load all results (numerical) will be shown including the location list tiles.
  • Results must be grouped as defined by distance, listed in order of proximity.
  • Location list tile include:
    • Distance value (radius)
    • Location Name (dynamically generated from locations detail page)
    • Location Address (dynamically generated from locations detail page)
    • Appt Phone (click to call- dynamically generated from locations detail page)
    • View Location details (dynamically generated from locations detail page)
    • Get Directions link (dynamically generated from locations detail page)
  • If the geo locations do not return results due to the location being blocked we should default to alphabetical order.
  • The user should be able to expand or minimize Car Type/Specialty Care filter by clicking +/-
  • The user should have the ability to toggle map on or off. (default on)
  • Map presentation should be in color with highest level of contrast possible for pins and text.
    • Landing page should load with map and list of locations closest to furthest away from center (all or within 25 mile radius)
    • Highlight Hospital pins and list data by using different color and or icon.
    • Styling came from PRFT
    • Location list tiles should auto size to fit container when map is hidden.
    • This component must follow accessibility standards for alt text, and keyboard navigation.
  • Map Hidden
    • The location list tiles should auto size to fit container when map is hidden. 


  • The content is stacked.
  • The user should be able to click on a filter results button and the facet categories would open.
  • The user should have the ability to toggle map on or off. (default off)
  • Once the user has made their selections they would apply the filter. 
  • Apply filter closes modal.