Department of Anesthesiology


Anesthesia is an essential part of your overall care. It reduces or eliminates your pain and enables your care team to provide the treatment you need.

You may receive anesthesia locally where numbing medicine is directed at the exact location of your pain. Or, you may have general anesthesia that affects your entire body and causes you to lose consciousness. Whether you need anesthesia during surgery or critical pain management following a traumatic injury, anesthesiologists provide individualized and expert care.

Emory Healthcare offers one of the most vital anesthesiology departments in the nation. Our anesthesiologists work together with surgeons and other team members to provide critical care pain management, surgical anesthesiology, pediatric anesthesiology, obstetric anesthesiology, and more.

Pain Management Backed by Research

Plus, our anesthesiologists are also part of the Emory University School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology, one of the nation's largest academic anesthesiology departments. Through the school of medicine, we're training the next generation of anesthesiologists to be at the forefront of surgical and non-surgical pain management.

Our goal is your continued comfort during and after procedures and throughout your recovery. Emory Clinic anesthesiologists understand the relationships between drug action and the many different patients needing treatment.

Through clinical and laboratory research, we're continually learning and applying new techniques to bring patients the highest level of care. Through our Quality Council, we're monitoring quality improvement activities and implementing new processes to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

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To make an appointment, please call 404-778-7777.