Billing Information

Payment for all services provided is due at the time services are rendered. However, Emory Healthcare will submit a claim for you to any third party or insurance carrier with whom Emory Healthcare contracts.

Any fees not paid by the third party or insurance carrier are the patient's responsibility.

Emory accepts most major insurance plans, including private and employer-based plans, Federal Health Insurance Marketplace plans as well as traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Important Billing Phone Numbers

Your Bills

Each visit to an Emory Healthcare location often results in multiple statements. Emory Hospitals charge a “facility fee” for use of the hospital’s operating room, recovery room, supplies, medication, room and board for inpatients, and technical services.

Each Emory Healthcare facility manages care centers at multiple locations, including other Emory locations. Services performed at these locations are billed by the facility that operates them.

Physicians, including those from our satellite locations across Georgia, charge a “professional fee” billed through Emory Clinic. Clinic statements include charges for examinations, readings, and other services performed by Emory physicians and their staff.

Services performed by Emory Hospitals routinely occur during patient visits to the clinic and vice versa. Emory does not bill twice for the same service.

Coming soon, however, Emory Healthcare is working toward consolidating patient bills and statements. With our move to Epic's MyChart patient portal, patients who receive care on or after October 1, 2022, will receive statements and bills that combine hospital/facility and provider charges.

For more information and help with your statements, refer to our Online Bill Pay page and our Billing Frequently Asked Questions.

Pay Your Bill

Emory Healthcare is pleased to offer its patients the ability to pay their Emory physician statements and Emory hospital statements online through a secure payment system. Patients now have a fast, secure, and convenient way to manage their statements online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Patients of Emory Hospitals and Emory physicians are able to pay statements online. Providers that fall under The Emory Clinic include Emory Specialty Associates (ESA), Saint Joseph’s Medical Group (SJMG), Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), and Emory Medical Labs (EML).

Clinical Trials Billing 

The billing process for research-related procedures and services is complex because more than one entity is usually responsible for the costs. Learn more at the link below.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

If you can't make your appointment and need to reschedule, please notify your provider at least 24 hours in advance. Your appointment at Emory Healthcare is reserved specifically for you. This policy helps us ensure our teams can provide care to another patient if you can't attend your original time.
Same-day cancellation or missing your appointment will result in:
  • A $25 late-cancellation fee for clinic appointments.
  • A $100 late-cancellation fee for procedural appointments in our Ambulatory Surgical Centers.
Emory Healthcare will charge late cancellation fees to patients, not your insurance company.
We understand that sometimes unexpected issues may cause you to miss an appointment. We may provide an exception to this policy if you miss an appointment due to a medical emergency or illness. Your provider's practice manager will determine if an exception is valid on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your provider directly or through your MyChart account to discuss in more detail.