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Hospital Price Transparency

We believe consumers should understand how much they may be charged for the health care items and services we provide. Hospital price-related information may help you make better-informed decisions about your healthcare. The final cost(s) may vary due to insurance coverage and ultimately depends on the patient's unique course of care. Please call your insurance carrier directly to clarify the coverage provided by your specific policy using the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

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**Important Information About this Webpage**

The cost-estimate resources below are estimates of out-of-pocket costs for the planned hospital test(s) and or procedure(s) selected and are not a guarantee of costs or the final bill. Estimates do not reflect the final costs for services rendered. Costs vary due to complications, final diagnosis, recommended treatment by the doctor that is unknown at the time of the estimate, the terms and coverages of any applicable health benefit plan/insurance, the time at which services are rendered, location, and a variety of other factors. Costs may also vary between different hospitals within Emory Healthcare, so please make sure you are viewing the estimate for your desired hospital(s).

Charges/costs for services rendered at a hospital generally consist of at least two broad components: the charges/costs of the hospital and the charges/costs of the physicians and certain other clinical professionals. The cost estimate information provided on this webpage and in the tools (linked to below) are for hospital charges/costs only and do not include charges or costs for services provided by physicians and other clinical professionals. For example:

  • If a patient uses this webpage to estimate the cost of a particular surgery, the information shown will be the estimated charges/cost of the hospital only and does not include charges/costs of the physician surgeon, the physician anesthesiologist, or other professional services.
  • If a patient uses this webpage to estimate the cost of a particular imaging scan, like an MRI scan, the information shown will be the estimated charges/cost of the hospital only and does not include charges/costs of the physician radiologist to read/interpret the scan or other professional services.

(Please note that the above are non-exhaustive examples only.) Patients should contact the applicable office for the physician or other clinical professional for pricing information related to their charges/costs.

Please remember, the amount a patient pays is ultimately dependent upon the terms/coverages of any applicable health benefits plan/insurance. Patients should contact their health plan/insurance provider for questions regarding the terms and coverages of their health benefit plans/insurance, if any.

By using the information on this webpage and the tools (linked to below), you acknowledge and agree that the information and tools do not constitute any guarantee, promise, or agreement between you and Emory Healthcare and/or its affiliates and agree not to assert, and hereby waive, any argument or claim to the contrary. 

Can I Get A Cost Estimate for Services?

Yes, we encourage patients to estimate out-of-pocket expenses in advance of planned healthcare services. Using the tools (linked below), patients can estimate hospital charges/costs for a subset of non-emergent, pre-planned services (also known as “shoppable services”). Please note that the tools are not an exhaustive list of all services provided at Emory Healthcare hospitals, but are only a subset of services offered. For information regarding services not included in the tools, please contact us using the phone numbers listed below.

To generate your own estimate for consumer shoppable services specifically at Emory University Hospital (inclusive of Emory Rehabilitation Hospital and Emory University Orthopedics & Spine Hospital), Emory University Hospital Midtown (inclusive of Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale Hospital), Emory Saint Joseph’s, or Emory Johns Creek Hospital, please use the following link to get started.

For additional information on obtaining estimates for Emory University Hospital (inclusive of Emory Rehabilitation Hospital and Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital), Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory Saint Joseph’s, or Emory Johns Creek Hospital, please call us toll-free at 855-432-3080 or 404-686-0260.

For information on obtaining estimates for Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory Hillandale Hospital, or Emory Long-Term Acute Care, please call 404-501-5519

Please Note: If you experience difficulty with price estimator tool, please call the phone numbers listed on this page for help getting a price estimate.

Learn more about hospital price transparency by reading the frequently asked questions below.

45 CFR §180.50 Disclosures

The following information is posted in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulation found at 45 C.F.R. § 180.50. This information is based on reasonable and good-faith interpretations of the regulation. Because this information is specific to this regulation, documents may not be directly comparable to information from other public or private reports, databases, or documents. Pursuant to the federal regulation, this information will be updated at least annually. The following information does not represent the amounts most patients pay. For estimates of the cost of services as applicable to you, please call us using the phone numbers provided above on this webpage.

Standard charge information is updated and effective as of September 1, 2023.

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