When you undergo surgery, you need to trust your surgical team. You need to trust you’re receiving the surgery that’s best for your health needs —a surgery that’s as safe and effective as possible.

Emory Clinic surgeons give you access to more surgery options than ever before so you can receive personalized care. Through clinical research at Emory University School of Medicine, our surgeons have helped develop new surgeries, improve surgical care and decrease the risks involved in surgery. We help our patients and patients around the world receive quality surgical care.

Surgery for All Your Health Needs

Emory Clinic surgeons give you access to a wide range of surgical care. From your head to your toes, we can help you improve your health. Our surgical services include:

Cardiothoracic Surgery Our cardiothoracic surgeons offer you minimally invasive heart and lung surgery techniques so you can heal quickly and experience less pain. 

General Surgery – From bariatric surgery to gallbladder removal, our general surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries using just one small incision. 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – The Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is recognized as a regional center of excellence in the treatment or oral and maxillofacial disorders. 

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Emory Clinic plastic and reconstructive surgeons help you feel confident in how your body looks and works. 

Surgical Oncology – Surgical oncologists with Emory Clinic help you fight cancer, removing cancer cells while leaving as many healthy cells as possible. 

Vascular Surgery – Emory Clinic vascular surgeons use specialized tools and techniques to help you overcome vein and vascular diseases. 

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