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Image Share and Exchange

Patients, family members, and institutions are able to utilize the Image Share and Exchange program to share medical imaging studies (X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, etc.) so their Emory care team can review for any future telehealth appointments.

Image Sharing Instructions

Follow the steps below for a patient sending outside medical imaging to Emory:

Open in Google Chrome only - download Google Chrome if needed.

Step1: Click the link below to access LifeImage: 

Step 2: Click Request a Connection.

 file share image step 2

Step 3: Complete the Connection request form, click Send Request.

file share image step 3

Step 4: The below message will generate, check your email using Google Chrome for the Welcome connection email.

file share image step 4

Step 5: Below is an example of the emails you will receive. Open the Welcome Connection email using Google Chrome, follow the instructions on how to upload your imaging.

file share image step 5

Step 6: Click Get started.

file share image step 6

Step 7: Read and click Accept.

file share image step 7

Step 8: Click Browse for exams. DO NOT click upload non-DICOM files.

file share image step 8

Step 9: Select CD or DVD Drive, then click Upload.

DO NOT SELECT ANY FILES THAT DISPLAY. Only click the CD or DVD Drive, then click Upload. If any file is selected, the images will NOT upload correctly.

file share image step 9

For MAC users:

DO NOT SELECT ANY FILES THAT DISPLAY. Only click Remote Disc, then click Upload. If any file is selected, the images will NOT upload correctly. 

file share image step 9-2

Step 10: Click Upload.

file share image step 10

Step 11: Select ONLY the exams you need to upload, uncheck exams not needing to be uploaded. Click Continue.

file share image step 11

Step 12: Complete the contact info screen, click Continue.

file share image step 12

Step 13: Confirmation that the upload is complete. You can upload more exams by using the Upload more files button or click Finish uploading to exit.

file share image step 13

Step 14:  You will be automatically logged out of the system. Your care team will now be able to view the images in Life Image.

file share image step 14

If you are a new sharing facility, follow the steps below for sending outside medical images:

Step 1: If you are a Life Image customer, go to "add a connection" and search for "Telemedicine, Emory Healthcare"

Telemedicine file share image step 1
Step 2: Click on the tab on the left that says, "connections"
Step 3: Click on "Add a connection"
Step 4: Search "Telemedicine"
Step 5: Locate "Telemedicine, Emory Healthcare"
Step 6: Click, "Request to connect"

If you are a Kaiser Permanente facility, follow the steps below for sending outside medical images:

Access the system by clicking the following link: https://sie-ga1.appl.kp.org/

Step 1: Locate the box to send outbound images in Life Image
Step 2: Click "send exam"
Step 3: Type in your patient's name
Step 4: Click on your patient
Step 5: Choose the exams you would like to send
Step 6: Hit "send exams"
Step 7: Click "connection"
Step 8: In the recipient search box, type "Telemedicine, Emory Healthcare"
Step 9: Click "send exam"

Additional Assistance for Kaiser Permanente: 770-677-6350

For Dekalb, Northside, CHOA, Shepherd Center, Gwinnett, Wellstar, Phoebe Putney- follow the steps below:  

Step 1: Go to PACS
Step 2: Search for patient
Step 3: Search Emory PowerShare
Step 4: Click "Send"


For technical assistance for image upload process, please fill out the form below. Our Support Desk hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our team will respond to your request within 36 business hours.

NOTE: Medical records are not accepted. 

For assistance with a Telemedicine Appointment or Zoom, please call 404-778-0645.