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Welcome to the Information Services external support Web site.

This site is for use by Emory Healthcare employees, partners and vendors

If you do not already have access to Emory Healthcare computing resources, please contact your department's Access Coordinator to request a username and password. Private practice physicians should contact Althea Rutherford Edwards at 404-686-1690.

Information Services provides two secure methods for remote connectivity to computing resources on the Emory Healthcare (EHC) network: Virtual Desktop and SecuRemote. These methods can provide a complete "remote office" solution with access to nearly every application needed to perform work activities. In addition, some applications are configured with secure Web (SSL) connectivity, and, therefore, don't require a remote office solution. See the quick links section to the right to access our secure Web applications.


SecuRemote creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your computer and the Emory Healthcare network. Support of SecuRemote from EHC IS is only available for Windows XP. It is not available for other versions of Windows or other platforms such as Mac or Linux. With SecuRemote, whatever client software is required to access the Emory Healthcare data and/or application you need must be installed on the computer you are using. For more information or to request SecuRemote contact the IS Customer Support at 404-778-4357.

The Virtual Desktop

The Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop (VDT) provides employees secure, easy-to-use access to the applications and data to which they've been given rights. To get to the Virtual Desktop from your computer, you need a web browser plus a small piece of software (a client) installed on your computer. Once you are on the Virtual Desktop, you will see icons for your applications and data. 

More about the Virtual Desktop...

Secure Web Applications

PACS (Siemens)


Virtual Desktop