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Take Your Next Steps

Before Emory Healthcare’s transition to Epic on October 1, 2022, there are some important steps you will need to take:

1. Between September 28 and October 1, 2022 | Patient portal messages will be unavailable 

During the transition, patient portal messages will be unavailable for a few days. Between September 28 and October 1, you will need to call your provider with any questions or to request refills on prescriptions.

The patient portals you use today – Emory’s Blue, Gold, HealtheLife, Eye Center and Emory Decatur portals – will remain accessible to you for 18 months after the move to Epic. 
    • Most of your health information should be viewable in MyChart beginning October 1, 2022. Please be aware that it may take up to a month for you to see all of the data that will be moving to MyChart as we complete the transition to Epic. Don’t worry if you don’t see everything immediately—that's a normal part of the process, and your care team will have access to your complete electronic health record. 
    • Some health information will not be accessible in MyChart immediately. To access this information, you will have access to your old portal accounts for 18 months.

2. Starting September 19, 2022 | Sign up for MyChart

MyChart will be your new Emory Healthcare patient portal. Starting September 19, you will need to sign up for a MyChart account. You will also be able to give proxy access to your account to someone you designate or sign up for proxy access as a care partner. 

3. September 19, 2022 | Be prepared for the Emory Healthcare Epic MyChart Vaccine Portal to close

The current Epic MyChart Vaccine Portal will be going away, but your vaccine information will be available in the new Emory Healthcare MyChart starting October 1, 2022. You will need to sign up for the new MyChart to see your vaccine history.

4. Starting September 23, 2022 | Use MyChart eCheck-in up to 7 days before your appointment

Use eCheck-in to handle everything for your appointment before coming to the clinic:

  • Fill out appointment-related questionnaires
  • Verify or update your medications, allergies and current health issues
  • Verify or update your insurance and demographic information
  • Pay visit copays, pre-payments and balances.

5. September 28-30, 2022 | Call your provider’s office for prescription renewals and questions

During these three days, we won’t be able to exchange messages with you or renew prescriptions in the Emory Healthcare patient portals that you are currently using. This is because we will be actively moving your health information from the old system to the new one. If you have any urgent questions or concerns during those three days, please plan to call us. For non-urgent questions, please reach out to us on or after October 1. Thank you for your understanding.

6. October 1, 2022 | Start using MyChart

All MyChart features will be available to you beginning October 1, 2022. Use MyChart to send messages to your care team, ask for prescription refills, view your record, pay your bill, schedule appointments and more.

7. October 1, 2022 through October 1, 2023 | Expect to receive Emory Healthcare bills in multiple ways

With Emory Healthcare’s transition to Epic, our billing processes will be streamlined for patients. Soon, you’ll get one bill for clinic and hospital visits, have one customer service phone number to call, and be able to pay your bill in MyChart. But it will take some time for us to finalize this process.

Bills for visits before October 1, 2022, will come to you the same way they always have. For visits on or after October 1, 2022, your bills will be sent through your MyChart patient portal. If you don’t sign up for MyChart, you will receive a text or email with a link to your statement.

Any billing from third-party partners, like the Emory Proton Center or the emergency departments at Emory Saint Joseph’s and Emory Decatur Hospitals, will not be in MyChart. These statements are separate from Emory Healthcare statements, and this will not change.

8. October 1, 2022 and forward | Connect your medical record to health management apps

You will be able to connect your MyChart account to consumer health management apps, such as Apple’s Health app, beginning October 1, 2022.  Learn more about connecting to health management apps and what will happen to your current connections on these apps if you have them.