Working Remotely During COVID-19

When working remotely, it’s important to maintain strong productivity and customer service standards. Technology plays an important role, but it can be challenging to get started and to know exactly what you need. The technology resources below will help you prepare to work remotely.


  • All exempt employees: Use Web Clocking.
  • All non-exempt/hourly employees: If you’ve been approved to work from home, clock your time via phone. Please refer to the emergency clocking procedures document.
  • If you forget to clock your time, notify your supervisor and timekeeper as soon as possible.


  • Ensure your computer is updated with the latest security software.
  • While there is no requirement on internet speed for connecting to EHC’s network, for optimal use, your internet bandwidth should be higher than 2mbps.
  • For access to your data and applications and a variety of Emory resources (e-Vantage, Emory Box, etc.), you must authenticate through DUO. If you are prompted to enter DUO credentials and you do not have a DUO account, call 8-HELP (404-778-4357) to be set up with an account.


  • If you need to set up your computer to access the virtual desktop environments to access your files and applications for the first time, go here for instructions and software downloads. Note: If using Windows, you must have at least version 7 installed on your computer to download the virtual desktop software.
  • If you have already set your system up for remote access to the virtual desktop, you may access the virtual desktop using the Internet Explorer browser by going to:


  • Update your voicemail greeting to include an alternate number to reach you (cellphone or home phone).
  • Add your alternate phone number to your email signature. View instructions here on editing your signature.
  • If you receive missed call and voicemail notifications in your email, monitor these frequently.
  • View instructions on forwarding your calls here.
  • If additional options are needed, submit request through LITS Shopping Cart (requires VPN access). NOTE: Orders may be delayed due to current request volumes.


  • You can access your email and manage your calendar and contacts via Outlook Web Mail without logging in to EHC Workspace: View a tip sheet here.
  • You can access other Office 365 applications, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, outside the virtual desktops through Outlook Web Mail. Follow these instructions here.


Zoom: A remote conferencing service uses Cloud computing software for videoconferencing, online meetings, chat function and mobile collaboration. Access Zoom at

  • View instructions on using Zoom here.
  • Note: Open Zoom in the Internet browser installed on your machine (not a browser inside the virtual desktop) for an optimal experience. This means do not click a Zoom Meeting link from within the virtual desktop Outlook and have it auto launch Zoom. Use your local browser to go to the Zoom Link and enter the meeting code there.

HLC: Log in to the HLC at

e-Vantage: Log in to e-Vantage at

Emory Box: A cloud-hosted management platform that allows secure file-sharing between and among users wherever they may be. Access at

Microsoft Teams: A software platform included in Office 365 that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and file collaboration, and applications integration. More information at