The Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub is a premier health care advancement and commercialization program that connects all the pieces of the health care continuum to validate, accelerate and realize ideas. Our mission - realize improvements in health outcomes, increase access to quality care, lower overall costs to the system and improve health care provider experiences in Georgia and across the nation.

The Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub accelerates the development and adoption of transformative health care technologies through the Emory Healthcare system as well as, other health care providers and systems in the State of Georgia and across the United States.

The program includes collaborative innovation projects with our corporate strategic partners and an annual cohort of accelerator companies hosted in a cutting-edge research and design thinking living lab facility that works closely with the Emory Healthcare delivery environment. To be as effective in this process as possible, the Innovation Hub identifies problems and facilitate interactions between Emory Healthcare, partner companies, and startups to ideate, adapt and validate evidence-based data-driven solutions. 

By doing so, Emory Healthcare patients and the broader patient and provider community can receive access to these products, services, and companies that have the most value-added benefit available on the market. Ultimately, our goal is to connect the patient to a seamless health care and wellness experience.