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Wellness Assessments

Lifestyle medicine is the simplest yet most powerful approach to true health and healing. At Emory Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness, we want you to experience the transformative power of using everyday choices and habits to achieve peak performance and well-being.

Is a Wellness Assessment Right for Me?

Wellness assessments are for individuals who are interested in changing their lifestyle to prevent and manage chronic disease and improve their wellbeing. We help people with conditions such as pre-diabetes/diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer survivors and healthy individuals who want to enjoy a better quality of life.

Scheduling Information

To Schedule an appointment please contact us via phone: (404) 712-9355 (2-WELL) or Email: livewell@emoryhealthcare.org

What Type of Assessments Do You Offer?

You will have a choice of working with a health coach and/or registered dietician for either a one-time consultation that will help you develop a wellness plan based on your health goals or an intensive program that will help you build and implement habits to achieve your goals over a period of several weeks. Since making sustainable lifestyle changes can be difficult, we recommend our longer intensive program in order to give you the support that you need.

What Can I Expect?

Prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will tell us a bit about you, you current health status, your goals, and motivation. Your initial visit is designed to assess your wellness needs and outline areas where you need structured support. During the intensive program, our team will guide you through science-based, practical strategies and track your progress for working towards your goals. Our health coach and registered dietician have helped many people improve their health and feel better by making changes in their health habits and dietary intake.

Do You Accept Insurance?

The services that we offer are not covered under insurance plans. Hence, we do not accept insurance.

Wellness Assessments Options

This 2-hour consultation includes detailed evaluation of your current state of well-being and is designed to get you on the right track to meeting your health goals and overcoming challenges to healthier living. It consist of 2 components - Wellness Nutrition and Wellness Exercise (see detailed description below), including an analysis of your body composition (SECA), that measures muscle and fat distribution and metabolic rate. You will walk out with a customized actionable wellness plan, including nutrition and exercise strategies that fit your lifestyle and needs, stress-management tools and sleep hygiene suggestions. $300

A one hour face-to-face consultation with a registered dietician that includes a detailed evaluation of your current diet, analysis of your body composition that accurately measures your muscle and fat distribution and metabolic rate.  You will work together to develop an individualized dietary plan that meets your health needs and accounts for your preferences. In addition to nutritional guidance based on evidence-based approach, the consultation emphasizes practical information for making behavioral changes sustainable and easy, including economical ways to shop and solutions for simple, delicious healthy meals prepared at home or on-the-go. $200

A one hour face-to-face consultation with a health coach including a detailed assessment of your current fitness level, strength and balance, as well as stress levels, sleeping habits, and a body composition scan using SECA. With these results we will tailor an exercise regimen for your specific needs and goals, be it weight loss, reduction of body fat or muscle gain. Our health coach will also share strategies for improving sleep and managing stress. $200

The program includes a series of four consultations, starting with Comprehensive Wellness Assessment and three 60 min Wellness Follow Ups. Your initial visit will include an assessment of your body composition, current health, and personal goals. You will develop a practical, customized plan that you will work towards implementing over the course of the program. Each subsequent session will include a session with your health coach and dietician to track your progress, identify challenges, and build your skills and confidence towards changing your lifestyle towards a healthier one. The four sessions can be scheduled over a twelve week period. $800

Scheduling & Location Information

To Schedule Please Contact Us at:
Phone: (404) 712-9355 (2-WELL)
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