Go Electronic

Connect health management apps to your Emory Healthcare health records. 

Request an App Connection

If you would like to request that an app be connected to your health record, please call 404-727-8820, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

We’ll provide you with the next steps to take to connect your apps and we’ll also work with the appropriate app vendors to help them understand how to meet the technical requirements to connect to your health record. 

Remember, you should always consider the protection of your personal data and understand the security of any connections you make to applications outside of Emory. When you connect your health record to the app of your choice, you are responsible for protecting that data. It is then outside of Emory’s control. Emory is then no longer managing the security and use of your patient data, nor does Emory investigate the apps you choose to connect to outside of Emory. Read all policies in full and ensure you manage your data appropriately.

Patient Portal Is Not Going Away

This new offering is in addition to your portal access. The Patient Portal is still our preferred method of communicating with our patients. We ask that you use the portal for non-hospital-based prescription renewal requests and clinical (non-urgent) questions. In addition to communicating with us, you can also use the portal to view portions of your record, such as your labs, medications, allergies, immunizations, visit summaries and upcoming appointments.  

For App Developers

If you have an app or are in the process of developing an app that you would like to connect to Emory Healthcare’s electronic health record, it must be developed against our electronic health record’s APIs – Cerner Ignite APIs. The first step is to visit Cerner to access the documentation needed to get started.