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Planning Your Visit

Thank you for choosing us for your health care needs. At Emory Healthcare, we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. We understand this means more than offering the latest in medical and technological advances.

While you are with us, your comfort, safety and care are our top priorities.

Also, you are an essential part of the care team. The questions you and your family have are important and should be shared with members of your health care providers. We encourage you to discuss your treatment plan with your doctor and nurses, and make sure you and your family understand and agree with it. We hope you will ask questions about treatment options and risks, medications, the identity of any hospital staff member, or anything else you are concerned about.

The Pre-Appointment Checklist 

  • Arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify your physician's office as soon as possible

Insurance Information

  • Bring your insurance card or necessary insurance information
  • If your insurance carrier requires a referral, bring referral numbers and forms
  • If your treatment is covered by Workers' Compensation, bring a letter of authorization from your insurance carrier

Confirmation or Visit Number

  • If you received this number when you scheduled your appointment, please bring it with you

Patient Information Form

  • If you received this form before your appointment, please complete it and bring it with you

Medical Records

  • Have your medical records from previous physicians transferred to the office prior to your appointment

X-Rays and/or Scans

  • If appropriate to your visit, bring any available X-rays or scans or have them transferred to the office prior to your appointment

List of Medications

  • Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking or have recently taken, over-the-counter or prescription
  • Include the strength and dosage of each medication

List of Health Questions or Concerns

  • Sometimes we forget all the things we wanted to tell or ask the doctor, so make a list of your symptoms, questions or concerns before you come to your appointment

Because our patients' health, wellness, and safety are of the utmost importance to us, smoking is not permitted in any Emory Healthcare facility. 

Additional Considerations for a Hospital Admission

When you come to the hospital, please bring:

  • Personal items, such as sleepwear and toiletries
  • A list of medications you are taking
  • Insurance information
  • Copies of your advance directives, if you have them

Please leave at home:

  • Valuables such as jewelry or large amounts of cash.
    • We regret that we cannot be responsible for these items. You may need your checkbook or credit card at the time of admission, but please send them home afterward with a family member or friend.
  • TVs, radios, hair dryers and other electrical devices.

During your stay:

  • Emory Healthcare is not responsible for lost belongings, including glasses, contacts, dentures, and hearing aids.
  • If you must bring valuables with you or were unable to return them to a trusted family member or friend, ask your nurse for assistance in securing the valuables with our Security department until you are ready for discharge.
  • Items such as hearing aids, glasses, dentures and phones can get lost in the hospital bedding or on your food trays. Keep your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. Do NOT wrap dentures or hearing aids in tissue and place them on your food tray or bedside table, where they can be easily mistaken for trash.
  • Ask your nurse for a personal belonging bags for your clothing.
  • Label all containers and bags with your name.
  • Keep cell phones protected or in a drawer when not using them to avoid being misplaced. Remember to check all drawers before you leave the hospital.

Your specific hospital location will have additional detail on preparations for your visit, including parking and available services.

Tell Us What You Think

After leaving an appointment, you may receive a survey asking how you feel about your visit here and how we can improve our services. It is important to us to know what you think. But you do not have to wait for a survey to keep in touch. We would like to hear from you any time.

Our Emory Healthcare patients relations can help you share your experience, manage your billing questions or address your specific needs.