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Billing and Payment

Insurance Claims

The Pharmacy at Emory will submit claims to your health insurance carrier on the date your prescription is filled. If the claim is rejected, a staff member will notify you, as necessary, so that we can work together to resolve the issue.

Co-Payments and Co-Insurance

You may be required to pay a part of your medication cost, called a copayment or co-insurance. If you have a co-payment, it must be paid at the time of shipping or pick-up. We accept all major credit-card carriers as well as Health Savings Account (HSA) cards. We can maintain your credit card information on file in a secure environment (this is optional). 

Payment Policy

Before your care begins, a staff member will inform you of your financial obligations that are not covered by your insurance or other third-party sources. These obligations include but are not limited to out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and annual out-of-pocket limits. This will be evaluated upon every fill of your specialty medication. If based on your health benefit plan, The Pharmacy at Emory is an out of network pharmacy, we will provide you with the cost of your medication in writing. 

Medication Assistance

We have access to medication assistance programs to help with co-payments and ensure no financial barriers to starting your medication. These programs include discount coupons from drug manufacturers and assistance from various disease management foundations. Our team will work with you to identify enrollment opportunities into these programs.