The Stiles Bradley fund is a monetary fund left by Henry Stiles Bradley to help ordained United Methodist ministers, their spouses and dependent children with financial assistance covering medical care at the Emory facilities listed below. After both primary and secondary insurance has paid the hospital and the individual has paid any deductible, the Stiles Bradley Fund will cover any reasonable balance not related to physician fees and or copays. Certain procedural expenses at the Emory Clinic are also covered. Information about what the Stiles Bradley Fund covers in the North and South Georgia Conferences is below:

The Stiles Bradley fund applies at the following Emory facilities:

  • Emory University Hospital, Clifton Road
  • Emory University Hospital at Midtown (formerly Crawford W. Long Hospital)
  • Emory University Orthopedic and Spine Hospital (at Northlake)
  • Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Johns Creek, GA
  • Wesley Woods Hospital medical facility
  • Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital

What Does the Stiles Bradley Fund cover?

  • Stiles Bradley funds pays for Emory Clinic testing and diagnostic expense balances after insurance(s) have paid in full and deductibles have been met or applied. It does not pay any physician fees balances not paid by primary insurance, nor does it pay any copays or deductible that must be met by the patient.
  • Stiles Bradley pays inpatient charges for hospital fees (such as testing, room charge, radiology charge etc.) at the facilities listed above after primary insurance has paid. All co-insurance fees for hospital admissions are eligible for Stiles Bradley payment. Stiles Bradley covers the deductible (up to $750) for inpatient procedures at any Emory facility.
  • Should you receive billings that do not reflect payment by the Stiles Bradley Fund, call Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare at 1-866-394-9330 and speak with Cynthia L Daniels. You will receive assistance from a person who knows the Emory system and can work with you to resolve the difficulty.
  • You, your spouse and dependent family members 21 and under are covered by Stiles Bradley. Full-time students up to 23 years old are also covered.

You must have a primary insurance coverage other than Stiles Bradley. Stiles Bradley cannot be your primary means of payment.

There is no card given out to and or required to have access to the Stiles Bradley fund. A United Methodist minister must be under appointment, in good standing and or retired.


  • Stiles Bradley Funds will not pay physicians fees, co-pays, or yearly deductibles that must be met by the patient.
  • Stiles Bradley Funds do not pay balances that should be covered by primary or secondary insurance.
  • These "Not Covered" expenses are the joint responsibility of the insurance companies and the patient.

NOTE: Stiles Bradley funds does not apply at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta