Tennis Medicine

Tennis medicine is a unique program offered by the Emory Sports Medicine Center which promotes health through tennis and provides specialized treatment for a wide range of tennis-related injuries. Through the program, we offer competitive and recreational players of all ages and abilities comprehensive care in a way that is specific to the game. Our physicians and staff look for the root cause of every injury - such as mechanics, volume of play, equipment, inflexibility or strength deficits - and then provide proper medical treatment, recommendations regarding ideal training, and when appropriate, suggestions for tennis-specific stroke modifications. This combination helps tennis athletes play safely through injury and remain healthy on the court.

Treating physicians, who are not able to incorporate more comprehensive evaluations, may be limited to standard medical treatments for tennis players. So, in order to bridge this gap, we built three extraordinary components into our program:

  • On-court tennis evaluations
  • Ongoing communication with the tennis teaching professional/coach
  • Continuing education to ensure tennis specific treatment plans

By being on the court to evaluate players' strokes, we are able to work with coaches to plan tennis treatment programs that help athletes get back on the court more quickly and avoid additional injury through the years.

To receive treatment through this incredibly unique program for tennis-specific injuries, call us today at 404-778-1831 to make an appointment. We'll get you back on the court in no time!