Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Lift: Which One Do I Need?

Date: Nov 1, 2020

Are you tired of looking tired? As we age, excess skin or drooping brows can cause our eyes to lose their sparkle, leaving us looking chronically fatigued. You may assume that the problem is excess skin on your eyelids—and you might be right. However, sometimes the reason is more complex. If your eyebrows have drooped, they may be causing your eyelid skin to bunch up and even crowd your eyelashes.

So, do you just have to go through life looking exhausted? Fortunately, no. Eyelid lifts and eyebrow lifts are two options that can immediately enhance the appearance of your eyes and bring back your natural sparkle. Emory Healthcare cosmetic surgeons can help you determine if you’re a candidate for an eyelid lift, a brow lift or a combination of the two.

Do I Need an Eyelid Lift?

If the issue is skin excess in your upper lids alone, without any need for change in brow position, an upper eyelid lift may be all you need. This is a relatively simple and low-downtime, cost-effective way to improve the brightness of your eyes. In some cases, it can even be performed under local anesthetic.

Do I Need an Eyebrow Lift?

You may be wondering how you can tell if your eyebrows have drooped. Well, ideally, a woman’s eyebrow should start in a gentle curve above the top of her nose and rise above her orbital bone (brow bone) until it peaks at the outer edge of her eyelid. Then, the brow should gently curve out and slightly downward. The entire course of her brow is preferred to be at, or slightly above, her brow bone and both brows should be relatively symmetric.

Many people hold their eyebrows up to compensate for drooping, without even realizing they’re doing it. In order to assess if this is the case for you, stand in front of a mirror and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out and purposely relax your brows and forehead. Open your eyes slowly, taking care not to raise your forehead, and look at your eyelids and brow position. If your brows seem to have dropped lower than you thought they were, it’s likely that you inadvertently hold them up and may benefit from a brow lift.

Although a brow lift may sound invasive or complicated, the procedure is actually not particularly high-risk or painful.

How Will I Look After an Eyebrow Lift?

To imitate the effect of a brow lift, watch in a mirror as you take your fingers and place them between your eyebrows and hairline. Gently lift a little to see how your brow position changes and if excess skin on your eyelid is reduced. If doing this improves the skin excess at your eyelids and makes a favorable change in your appearance, a brow lift may be the right option for you. If there is still excess skin on your eyelids, even as you’re gently pulling, your surgeon may recommend a combination of eyebrow and eyelid lifts for best results.

What Can I Expect?

Satisfaction rates for brow and lid lifts are high and the downtime can be as little as five to 10 days, depending on your individual surgery. Results usually last many years and don’t often need to be “tucked up” in the way that some other plastic surgery procedures require.

Eye Enhancement at Emory Aesthetic Center

If you’re considering rejuvenating and improving the appearance of your eyes, come see one of the board-certified physicians at Emory Aesthetic Center for a complimentary consultation.

We can discuss your goals and determine what treatment is right for you.

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