Lung Transplant at Emory

Georgia’s Only Lung Transplant Program

Emory Transplant Center offers the only Lung Transplant Program in Georgia.

Emory Transplant Center specializes in the treatment of complex lung disorders and offers the full continuum of sophisticated care involved in lung transplantation. Performing more than 500 lung transplants, we are at the forefront of clinical excellence, innovative transplant therapies, and outstanding pre- and post-transplant care.

Emory’s team of lung transplant doctors is highly skilled in the care of lung transplant surgery patients. Our number one goal is to provide our patients with the unsurpassed, comprehensive care they deserve. We work with you every step of the way - from the initial review of our lung transplant criteria to the lung transplant information you will need post-transplant. We are here for you throughout your transplant journey.

Emory Lung Transplant Highlights & Differentiators

Georgia’s Only Lung Transplant Program: In 1993, Emory established the only Georgia lung transplant center, with the primary mission of serving Georgia residents suffering from otherwise untreatable complex lung diseases. To date, Emory has performed over 500 lung transplant procedures.

Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists: Emory's team of lung transplant specialists includes pulmonologists, transplant surgeons, cardiologists, transplant coordinators and nurses, working together to provide superior care to all our lung transplant patients.

Commitment to Transplant Research: Our commitment to research, education and patient care is reflected in the success of our program. Emory's highly-esteemed staff of physicians is at the forefront of lung transplant research. They are currently investigating immune tolerance as well as end-stage pulmonary vascular disease and experimental methods for effective gene therapy.

Patient-Centered Care: For the second time, Emory Transplant Center has been awarded the prestigious Patient Centered Specialty Practice designation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This is the highest level of recognition a specialty practice can receive and is only awarded to health care facilities that excel in the delivery of exceptional quality patient-centered care.

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