Robotic Kidney Cancer Treatment


I will never forget that day when the urologist at our local hospital came in and talked with me. He basically said to get my things in order and that I should go on a vacation. That’s how bad he said my cancer was.

I had a huge kidney cancer that grew past my abdominal cavity and into my chest cavity right into my heart. The cancer even spread down to my toes, and pretty much blocked the great vein of my body – my vena cava.

My oncologist heard about Dr. Viraj Master from Emory and told us about him. They had a chance to discuss my case, and my oncologist thought that Dr. Master could help me.

Dr. Master called us as we were expecting, and he pretty much calmed our fears. Once we heard from him that he thought there was hope, it was the first time I really got emotional.

After seeing the outstanding work done at Emory and being a patient of Dr. Master, Dr. Master has to be the world leader at what he does, and I don’t think I could have gotten any better care anywhere. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for the team at Emory, I wouldn’t be here today