After Gastric Banding Surgery

After gastric banding surgery, patients follow up on an as needed basis after their first post op visit with Emory Bariatric Center to monitor their initial weight loss and adjust the band. Most patients return to work within a week after gastric banding surgery, and begin an exercise regimen within six weeks.

Post-gastric banding, patient food intake will consist of liquids and well chewed solids, including a limited amount of fish and meats. Continued healthy diet choices and exercise are necessary for patients to maintain maximum weight loss after gastric banding.

Gastric Banding Surgery Results

In line with the recommended weight loss guidelines for healthy weight reduction, the gastric banding procedure generally aids patients in losing between two to three pounds per week.

In contrast to the weight loss results of the sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass procedures, gastric banding surgery results in more slow, steady weight loss, although studies show that two years after these procedures, patients enjoy an equal amount of weight loss.