Find answers to many of the questions you may have about our Path to Health program. Click on the questions below to read the answers.

Path 2 Health encourages you to eat REAL NUTRITIOUS foods. We will provide you healthy eating instructions and sample meals at your first appointment. Throughout your program, we will teach you to improve your eating habits, lose weight, & improve your health. You will also receive individual feed back from our registered dietitians twice per month.

We understand you are busy, we are offering Path 2 Health Mondays at 1 pm. Participants are invited to bring their lunch to eat during education group. This not only saves time, but also helps participants learn new meals and recipes from other participants.

Path 2 Health is a 6-month program. Research indicates frequent follow ups during weight loss improves results.

We highly recommend that you do no not commit to this program if you know in advance you will be unable to participate in the monthly office visits and virtual group sessions. If it is necessary for you to miss a session, we will work with you to adjust scheduled visits. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible.

The program cost is $600 for 6 months. This fee will cover the virtual education groups, food diary reviews with dietitians, and other services which are not billable to insurance. We bill insurance for physician visits, labs, or other testing that your physician feels is necessary.

The Path 2 Health program fee is not covered by insurers. These are non-billable, out of pocket expenses.

Your insurance will be billed for physician visits, labs tests, or other testing your physician feels is necessary. You are responsible for any applicable co-pays and/or unmet deductibles, in accordance with your insurance plan, at the time of service. In the event that you insurance does not cover or denies payment for any services billed, you are responsible for payment at the standard Emory Healthcare fee rate for services rendered.

Absolutely! Increased physical activity is essential for your success and an important part of our program.

The Path 2 Health program is dedicated to help you not only lose weight, but improve your health. Our comprehensive approach will ensure you have the tools you need to be successful long term. Our program will focus not only on healthy eating and exercise, but understanding our behaviors and why change is necessary.