Mullerian Agenesis or Rokitansky Syndrome

Absence of the uterus, also known as Mullerian agenesis or Rokitansky syndrome, affects one in every 4,000 to 5,000 women. Approximately 15% of women with Mullerian agenesis will have defects of the urinary system and 12% will have abnormalities of the spine. Women with Mullerian agenesis have normal ovaries, normal hormones and may achieve a pregnancy with a gestational carrier. To achieve a pregnancy the woman with Mullerian agenesis undergoes IVF to retrieve the eggs, which are fertilized and transferred to a gestational carrier.

Several techniques have been described in order to enlarge the vagina. Two of the common techniques include dilation and surgery. The Frank technique uses a series of dilators increasing in size. Alternatively, a type of skin graft known as the McIndoe procedure is used to create a vagina.