Pubertal Disorders

Adolescents do not all mature at the same time, however, some may experience a significant delay in sexual maturation. In most cases, this lag does not indicate a problem. Infrequently, delayed sexual maturation has more severe causes.

Delayed sexual maturation is characterized as a lack of breast development by age 13, lack of pubic hair by age 14, and lack of menstruation by age 16. This may be due to chromosomal disorders, birth defects affecting the reproductive organs, hormonal disorders, tumors, chronic illnesses, excessive exercise, stress, and food restrictions.

To determine the cause of delayed sexual maturation, a blood test may be used to check hormone levels, determine if there is a chromosomal problem, or look for other causes such as anemia and diabetes.

Treatments vary based on the cause, but often include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), behavioral therapy for stress, psychological therapy for eating disorders, and medical treatment of hormonal disorders.

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