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Love and the Brain

Season 3 - Episode 1 Love and the Brain

  • 50 mins
  • Aired November 01, 2021

Your Fantastic Mind explores the human brain in love, trauma and grief and how research is being used to help people with social and emotional disorders. The episode also looks at topics including maternal mortality and PTSD among African-American mothers.

Watch in Segments



26 mins

The human brain in various stages of love and loss is examined, as well as what researchers have learned from studying prairie voles and how they have helped us better understand what happens to the brain in love, separation and grief.


The Grady Trauma Project

14 mins

The Grady Trauma Project studies civilian trauma, focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder and the clinical and physiological implications of trauma exposure.


The Nia Project

8 mins

The Nia Project is a research and treatment-based program empowering African-American women survivors of abuse experiencing suicidal thoughts.