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Gugliemi Detachable Coils Aneurysm Embolization

The above angiogram demonstrates a large intracranial aneurysm arising from the left internal carotid artery. A special three-dimensional angiogram was performed which allows the neck of the aneurysm to be shown. The image to the left shows that the aneurysm has a wide neck.

The objective of GDC coil embolization is to place a tiny catheter into the aneurysm and fill it with platinum coils. It is important to keep these coils inside the aneurysm and outside the normal blood vessel. The image to the right shows the first coil entering the aneurysm.

Additional coils are placed until no more coils will fit safely inside the aneurysm
The bottom images show the final result in both the frontal (left) and side (right) views. The aneurysm no longer fills with x-ray dye which protects it from rupturing.

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