Emory Neurosarcoidois Clinic

Emory Neurosarcoidois Clinic
Meet the Team 

Meet the Team

Spencer K. Hutto, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Clinic Director, Emory Neurosarcoidosis Clinic
Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency

Clinical Training in Neurosarcoidosis

Ensuring that future neurologists have the knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients with neurosarcoidosis is an important objective of the clinic, and as such, patients may interact with medical students, neurology residents, and neuroimmunology fellows, in addition to their primary physician, during their visits to the Clinic.

The Clinic is housed under the division of neuroimmunology and forms one of the key learning experiences for our neuroimmunology fellows. For those interested in the neuroimmunology fellowship program at Emory, please click here for additional information. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn the principles of management in neurosarcoidosis directly from core faculty in a high-volume center that sees the full spectrum of neurologic involvement in sarcoidosis.

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