Orthopedics: Conditions


Fracture is condition that involves the breaking of bones, which results in pain.

Elbow Fractures

An elbow fracture is a break in one or more of the bones that make up the elbow joint.

Foot/Ankle Fractures

Any one of the three bones that make up the ankle joint could break as the result of a fall, an automobile accident or some other trauma to the ankle.

Hand/Wrist Fractures

A fracture occurs when enough force is applied to a bone to break it. When this happens, there is pain, swelling, and decreased use of the injured part.

Hip Fractures

A fracture (break in the bone) of the hip is a very common injury. This is usually the result of a fall from a standing height in the older individual, but it can also occur in younger patients.

Knee Fracture

Fractures around the knee typically occur following some type of trauma. This may be low energy (such as a fall from a standing height) or high energy (such as a motor vehicle accident). The most common type of fractures include patella fractures (the knee cap), proximal tibia fractures (the top portion of the lower leg bone), distal femur fracture (the bottom portion of the thigh bone), and fractures around a knee replacement.

Shoulder Fractures

Fractures in the shoulder commonly involve the clavicle (collar bone), proximal humerus (top of the upper arm bone), and scapula (shoulder blade).

Spine/Back (Lumbar) Fractures

With aging populations and osteoporosis prevalent in spite of medical therapy, compression fractures, especially in the thoracic and lumbar spine, occur.