Department of Otolaryngology


The Department of Otolaryngology is one of the country's premier programs for diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat disorders, along with otolaryngology research. We are recognized as a leader in otolaryngology care and have a rich legacy of discovery and innovation. Our head and neck surgeons are otolaryngologists (ENT physicians) with special expertise in treating tumors of the head and neck and disorders of the endocrine glands of the neck. For patients requiring services beyond otolaryngology, the expertise of more than 70 specialties is available for consultation. That's the Emory Difference.

Whether you have a minor ear, nose, and throat issue or struggle with a more severe condition such as cancer, our otolaryngologists are ready to help.

Translating Science into Treatment

Emory Clinic Department of Otolaryngology provides a wide range of care housed within multiple centers, programs, and services.

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