Structural Heart & Valve Center

Experienced Heart & Valve Care

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a condition that affects the heart or heart valves, the specialists at the Structural Heart and Valve Center at Emory Healthcare offer the expertise and compassionate care you need.

Emory’s multidisciplinary team of interventional and non-invasive cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and cardiovascular imaging specialists, partner to develop individualized care plans while continuously working together to provide patients with innovative and effective cardiovascular care.

Emory Healthcare was the first site in Georgia to perform Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), valve replacement without open-heart surgery, and our team has performed more of these procedures than any other healthcare system in Georgia. In fact, Emory Healthcare is a nationally recognized academic center of excellence due to our vast array of advanced technologies and treatment options. We offer several FDA-approved, minimally invasive, catheter-based therapies, as well as clinical trials that provide up-and-coming treatments. This combination of collaborative care and cutting-edge treatments leads to better outcomes for patients.

Center Highlights

  • The Emory TAVR program began in 2007, and to-date more than 3,000 patients have received this groundbreaking therapy with excellent outcomes
  • Emory offers both FDA-approved transcatheter valves and extended indications for patients within clinical trials when applicable
  • Emory is proudly enrolling in the PARTNER III clinical trial to offer TAVR to low-risk surgical patients
  • Over 1,000 patients have received transfemoral TAVR via the Minimalist Approach using conscious sedation
  • For appropriate patients, TAVR can safely be conducted without general anesthesia, transesophageal echo, or a ventilator
  • The majority of Minimalist Approach TAVR patients recover on the cardiac telemetry floor as opposed to the ICU
  • Emory’s vast experience allows for the decreased length of stay in the hospital
  • Innovative catheter-based techniques for treating prior surgical valves that are now malfunctioning
  • State-of-the-art techniques for addressing congenital heart defects, including transcatheter pulmonic valve replacement
  • Transcatheter electrosurgery to treat a wide variety of structural heart pathologies, including complex mitral valve disease, high-risk aortic valve in valve procedures, and ventricular septal defects

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