For Medical Professionals

Credentialing Modules

Provider Patient Safety Module for All Emory Healthcare Provider Applicants

When first joining Emory Healthcare, providers seeking credentials at an Emory Healthcare location must complete the Provider Patient Safety Module. This includes an online course and test, including a compliance module and adding immunizations; documentation of influenza vaccination in the module; and documentation of TB test in the module. After completing the module during initial credentialing, completion of the module is required on an annual basis during the Annual Provider Patient Safety Campaign. This campaign takes place each fall and is communicated to providers at this time.

To access the Provider Patient Safety Module for initial credentialing, go here.

Specific Clinical Privilege Modules – Required for Moderate Sedation, Fluoroscopy/C-arm, Deep Sedation and Immediate Use Steam Sterilization Privileges

Certain clinical privileges require completion of an online module, outside of the above Provider Patient Safety Module. Currently, these privileges include moderate sedation, fluoroscopy/C-arm, deep sedation (emergency medicine physicians only) and immediate use steam sterilization. To obtain one of these clinical privileges, physicians must first complete the respective module, completing it each time they complete the re-credentialing process to maintain that privilege.

To access the modules for moderate sedation, fluoroscopy/C-arm (referred to as Radiation Safety for Physician Operators of Fluoroscopy or C-Arms), deep sedation or immediate use steam sterilization, go here.