For Medical Professionals

Transfer a Patient to an Emory Hospital

Call the Emory Transfer Service Line at 404-686-8334 to transfer a patient to any of Emory's hospitals. Since 1905, Emory Healthcare has been at the forefront of medicine, putting cutting-edge interventional research and technology into lifesaving action. Our medical facilities offer the latest technology and a wide array of services. Whether you need to transfer a patient or utilize our hospital-based services Emory Healthcare is happy to collaborate with you.

You can also use our direct secure email address to send information on inpatient transfers to our inpatient Emory facilities: Email

Call the Emory Transfer Service Line at 404-686-8334 to transfer a patient to an Emory facility including

  • Emory Decatur Hospital
  • Emory Hillandale Hospital
  • Emory Johns Creek Hospital
  • Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
  • Emory University Hospital
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown
  • Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital

Utilize Emory Hospital Services

Hospital Medicine

Emory Decatur Hospital: 404-501-8227
Emory Hillandale Hospital: 404-501-8492
Emory University Hospital: 404-686-5500 Pager ID 50409
Emory University Midtown: 404-686-5500 Pager ID 50324

Hyperbaric Medicine

To schedule consultations or appointments, call 404-686-2288. To schedule a consultation or appointment with Emory Decatur Hospital, call 404-501-7455.


Call 404-728-6222
Admission Criteria (PDF)

Medical Laboratory

Customer Service: 404-712-5227 or 1-800-727-6763

Lab Test Directory

EML Clinical Pathology Consult Service
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 404-686-5500 PIC ID #50542
Nights & Weekends: 404-2686-5500 PIC ID #50346
Anatomical Pathology 404-686-5500 PIC ID #50375

Radiology and Imaging

Services by Location (PDF)
Appointments: 404-778-9729
Referral Forms

Rehabilitation Medicine

Center for Rehabilitation Medicine Therapy Appointments: 404-712-5527
Continuum of Care: 404-712-7593
Emory Decatur Hospital: 404-501-5140
Emory Hillandale Hospital: 404-501-8140


Services: 404-778-2903
Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Long-Term Acute Care: 404-501-7412
Emory Hillandale Hospital: 404-501-8568

Wound Care

Services: 404-728-6546
Emory Decatur Hospital: 404-501-7455