Emory Transplant Center Keeps Quality and Patient Care at the Forefront

By: Emory Transplant Center
Date: Jul 16, 2019
The Emory Transplant Center’s focus on quality goes well beyond the ordinary. And, while it was the first transplant center to earn the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Level 3 Recognition – their highest level of distinction, Emory Transplant Center is committed to building upon its strengths, assertively working to enhance patient-centered care.
Thanks to a generous grant from the Cox Foundation’s Jim Kennedy, the Emory Transplant Center is well underway in building the best possible patient experience. The award is intended to streamline appointments and reduce wait times while providing the highest quality health care.
Toward these goals, the Emory Transplant Center is integrating the Lean Methodology quality principles into all aspects of its operation. The Lean Methodology is a quality improvement philosophy first developed by Toyota. It transforms the way organizations work and is increasingly being used in health care settings to build staff commitment and cut waste that can undermine care.
Lean processes include reviews of all activities which distinguish value-creating actions from those that misuse resources and point to opportunities for improvement, along with team-based problem-solving sessions focusing on identifying gaps and problems, brainstorming fixes, and executing as many solutions as possible. Learn more about Lean methodology.
To date, the Emory Transplant Center has led several value stream analyses that have strengthened patient-centered care.

Emory Transplant Center is Already Making Progress by Reducing Patient Wait Times

In one Lean exercise, Emory Transplant Center personnel reduced patients’ lobby wait time from 45 minutes to 20 minutes using these solutions.

Emory Transplant Center Staff Works Daily to Identify Issues and Resolve Them

Part of Emory Transplant Center’s transformation and commitment to quality practices are daily staff huddles where the team reviews patient schedules, proactively approaching safety, equipment, supplies, and staffing.

Emory Patients Recommend the Emory Transplant Center

When asked if they would be “likely to recommend the Emory Transplant Center,” positive patient response went from 95.50 percent to 100 percent in just two months. Additionally, patient satisfaction scores have continued to climb during the Center’s quality journey.

About Emory Transplant Center

Emory Transplant Center is a leader in clinical excellence and in pioneering new transplant therapies. We offer cutting-edge technology and superior outcomes in heart transplant surgery, kidney transplant surgery, liver transplant surgery, lung transplant surgery, and pancreas transplant surgery.
Our patients come from all over the nation for our high level of expertise and proven patient outcomes. We are proud to be ranked among the top 12 transplant programs in the nation and have performed more than 9,000 transplants to date.
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